Finally: The finished thing

Time got away from me, so I haven’t been blogging, just working hard to finish the end product. And, it’s done! I’m exhausted, relieved and delighted with what I have achieved, but looking at the whole thing from start to finish, I really wish I could have done more. I’m not sure if those are expectations i’m imposing on myself, or wether the project actually delivers, I guess we will.. Read More

Sarah: Blob Detection

The Processing library Blob Scanner is so cool and easy to use. It didn’t take long to adapt a Capture example sketch and retain each frame of the analysed video, leading to some rather beautiful results. Salty Sour Sweet Umami After amping up the hues of the resulting colour averaging, I used Paletton to find some contrasting and complementary colours. There wasn’t an exact science to this, and I regret.. Read More

Colour: Averaging

I spent a day back in Python and it was wonderful but not altogether perfect. It’s like the old friend that you spend some time with, and it’s comforting and affirming, but after a while they begin to p*** you off. Also after so long of OOP it’s nice to be back in functional programming for a quick job like this. I wanted to average the colours of each colour.. Read More

Gin: Particles take two

The particles are plugged in to my original Recipe sketch, rejoice! Seriously, i’m so happy that this works I could dance. Again, apologies for the not-so-great recording. I was taking quick videos and moving on quite quickly, promising myself i’d save a version of the code but getting caught up in the next problem and overwriting old code. This project has definitely consolidated my need to version my work. Usually.. Read More

Gin: Particle Engine

Particles, thanks to Daniel Shiffman of Processing fame, aren’t so scary after all. I adapted one of the sketches from his Nature of Code book and applied it to my existing framework. That’s jumping ahead of myself slightly, firstly I created small particle clouds in the general locations of the taste bud locations in my earlier sketch. Apologies for the horrendous quality, I didn’t expect to move on from this.. Read More

Sarah: Flavours caught by Movement

Sarah Homewood is an interactive designer and a dancer and synaesthetic and generally excellent. I have been considering synaesthasia as a phenomenon throughout my project, but it didn’t emerge into anything until I asked Sarah to dance to flavours for me, and she divulged that she is synaesthetic. Synaesthasia is another level of subjectivity, as with everything we experience as a human, there is not much commonality between such things,.. Read More

IoT: A Consideration

Back in November, I travelled to Sweden for a little break from the metropolis that is Falmouth. It was amazing to get away and experience the cities i’ve read so much about, but mostly it was incredibly inspiring and motivational for my work. We trundled upon the Tekniska Museet, at the time they were celebrating our new revolution in interactivity, I was humbled to see such pieces as “The Treachery.. Read More

Processing: Initial Flavour Implementations 2

Part Two! Immediately after leaving my tutorial with Angus, I set to work on depicting the actual flavours. I wanted this to be more locative as opposed to entities relying on their shape or colour representation, as my final application is going to be an experience of the flavours without getting too caught up in semiotics, though it could be said that location is symbolic in itself. Shape, however, can.. Read More

Processing: Initial Flavour Implementations

I’m really enjoying Processing. I’m enjoying thinking about the end product too, basically, it feels possible, but I don’t think i’ll be able to create the closed system I wanted to. My database is on my server, my final piece is going to be on Processing, there will be no user data or profiles but i’m starting to think… that’s okay. Part One! A nod to the original Ginfographic idea,.. Read More

Wine: Whine

Hello I have been super busy creating a system to analyse the words used to describe wine. I also want to analyse the words used to describe gin, but wine flavour descriptions are more available and varied, the copywriting of which has become quite an art as we try to figure out which wine to pair with food. Unlike wine, gin isn’t really paired with food, although I am sure.. Read More