Ginfographic: Gin Infographic

Do you ever think you’re being really original, and then discover that you aren’t? I just found a ginfographic project, ahha..aaahhahaa…aaaaaahhh oh dear. Actually, this is good, as I can further define my project, and the Gin Foundry is serving as such an excellent resource for my project. They have already defined who drinks gin, where, what time of day, which tonics they prefer, generalised flavour data, this means I.. Read More

Ginspiration: Initial Inspirations

The article that initiated my idea for the Ginfographic project appeared in FastCoDesign way back in October – Let AutoCAD Show You How To Mix More Than 70 Classic Cocktails, which showcased the work of engineer Shaan Hurley. He has depicted nearly 100 classic cocktails using AutoCAD, and instantly I loved it, as its an almost programatic and logical way to depict drinks, its almost a manual. There is some.. Read More

Yummly API: Gathering + Parsing Data

Although i’m still pondering the absolute direction of the project, I still felt it necessary to gather a database of around 100 gin cocktail recipes to get the ball rolling. I now know that I want to focus on the representation of flavour data taking into consideration the paradigm of computer entities, how we program computers to represent nature around us, using Gin as the carrier for that. It has.. Read More