Do you ever think you’re being really original, and then discover that you aren’t? I just found a ginfographic project, ahha..aaahhahaa…aaaaaahhh oh dear.

Actually, this is good, as I can further define my project, and the Gin Foundry is serving as such an excellent resource for my project. They have already defined who drinks gin, where, what time of day, which tonics they prefer, generalised flavour data, this means I do not need to reiterate over work they have already done (and they have done it so well), these guys are gin professionals. Us gin lovers and web developers are all in this together, and I love learning from other people.

Also I can decide how to contrast this to create something potentially useful. Speaking to Angus last week, we defined the design ‘problem’ to explore with my project, that is quite specifically the denotation and representation of flavour, and how computing can adapt or even attempt to represent this, as it is such a subjective thing.

This subjectivity and description of flavour will be good to research into. As goes with the system of signs, some colours are arbitrarily assigned to flavours, quite often due to the actual colour of the base ingredient (orange, strawberry, anyone). This has been standardised through wine tasting wheels, flavour thesauruses, and even the tasting wheel above. Therefore describing the complexity of flavours within, say, a sip of gin, under the guise of colour would be difficult. Or, a huge generalisation. Within the browser you are quite limited to two senses, sight and sound, whereas food and flavour can be experienced by all 5 senses.

Currently running through by brain is multisensory experimentation, images of tongues with taste buds/flavour receptors, the fuzzy feeling you get when drinking too much gin, and citizen science. Maybe looking at wine bottles, bottles of gin, looking at the pure language that describes the taste. Also perfume and perfumed products. Considering the modes of representation available to me within the browser – colour, luminosity, position, animation, scale, opacity. And maybe taking this outside of the browser?