The particles are plugged in to my original Recipe sketch, rejoice! Seriously, i’m so happy that this works I could dance.

Again, apologies for the not-so-great recording. I was taking quick videos and moving on quite quickly, promising myself i’d save a version of the code but getting caught up in the next problem and overwriting old code. This project has definitely consolidated my need to version my work. Usually I use GitHub for this, mainly because it’s an excellent middle ground between my local machine and my server, pushing and pulling updated code this way is practical, but also because it has saved projects a couple of times, having previous revisions available. So, I really wish that I had been doing the same with my Processing code, I think I bypassed it because this isn’t going on my server, and i’m spending less time in command line.

Here, I copied my Particle class over to my Recipe sketch, and adjusted the function to convert the String flavour prevalence values to floats, then feed it through to manipulate the amount of Particles generated in flavourFlockInit(), as well as the gravity and mass values. They are also placed in the same coordinates as the taste bud graph, and I managed to get my original flavour points to show too. This feels like it’s coming together quite well, I can choose which recipe I wish to visualise in setup().

But it’s probably important to take a step back and look at what this has turned into and where it’s going. Firstly, in trying to keep up cohesion between the application and the Ginfographic, I have set the background as the same. This was a good idea at the time, but really, I don’t like it. I would rather it if the flavours stood out more, and if it appeared as less of a twee ode to old Gin Craze pictures, and also it will inhibit the full effect of the colours I will later represent. I have added a filter that appears when the space bar is pressed, just because I could – this can be edited out.

As it is, it represents flavour as dictated by the Yummly data. I’d like to be able to post data via Processing, but at the moment i’m struggling with HTTPS and posting JSON back to the server, and it accepting it, this may need to be omitted for now. But i’d still like the user to have some control over the appearance of the flavour, some sort of output. I’m thinking in exhibition terms here, it would be really nice to see live interactions making a difference to the flavour and watching it develop over the evening, or the whole weekend. Practically, an application where the user can represent flavour how they feel is right is still going to be useful. But my demanding brain is saying that isn’t good enough.

I’m still stuck between prescriptive and descriptive narratives. Theoretically, I want this to be completely descriptive and fluid and wonderful. I’ve figured out a vague function that will accept new data via JSON, add it to the remaining data and divide it by the total data entries (really simple +1 counter on the database) to give an average of the flavour. That’s there, but HTTPS problems are killing my vibe. So practically, it will have to be prescriptive, as in, the flavour locations are here, but you can control how it relates to you and your experience.

My brain really aches from this, and i’m quite gutted that my skills won’t stretch to complete the project I wanted to.

But still strangely excited about the outcome.