The Processing library Blob Scanner is so cool and easy to use. It didn’t take long to adapt a Capture example sketch and retain each frame of the analysed video, leading to some rather beautiful results.





After amping up the hues of the resulting colour averaging, I used Paletton to find some contrasting and complementary colours. There wasn’t an exact science to this, and I regret it, and feel it takes away from the final message. In reflection, I was choosing what looked good and different for the benefit of the aesthetics of the sketch rather than what I was trying to relay.

However, the movements themselves are fantastic.


Also here is the bitter flavour, not quite the same, but i’m working with what i’m working with!

With my own interpretation of the images, the salty image depicts sharp and varied movements, whereas sweet is introverted and comforting, it sits low down as it does on your palate. Umami involved a lot more movement compared to my earlier workshopping, and sour again looks directional between up and down.

I would love to incorporate this somehow into my final piece. Ideally, this would be by mapping particles to these paths and shapes, though I fear this is too ambitious within this project as it will appear for hand-in. I’ll be extremely happy to overlay or underlay the images alongside my existing particle systems, that’s for sure.