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API: I’m making one, and why

It’s been a week or so since I’ve worked on this project, and during a tutorial with Angus, he stressed that it was important to actually start making things. I’ve never generated images with python before, and while i’ve worked quite a lot with SVGs, for now it seems to cumbersome to use to start drafting ideas, so instead i’ve decided to work with Processing. It’s really fantastic for generating.. Read More

Research: Flavours

Please visit this page, or you won’t understand what i’m talking about: Relevant Code (Views) Relevant Code (Template) I loved collating these results, and there are some interesting patterns in the responses. I hope this is a webpage that people will visit and find easy to use, and find some interest in the results and the similarities or differences between them. Maybe I could incorporate this into my final.. Read More

Flavour Workshop: The Results

The FoAM open day was excellent, we had a great turnout and a good collection of people partook in the flavour workshop. I set up a table in the studio for the flavour testing. On one placemat were the flavoured jellies and the other, my palate testers (I went for tahini as the final component in the end, as this is a tricky one to pick up, and everyone loves.. Read More

Flavour Workshop: Jelly Prep

Jelly, the making of. In making this jelly, I needed to take into consideration a couple of things – vegan/vegetarianism and intolerances. Personally, i’d rather not eat gelatine, and know plenty of people intolerant to wheat, gluten and/or dairy, so I used plant based ingredients for all of it. This included using agar agar, which isn’t actually as difficult as masterchef made it out to be. The ‘tastes’ I went.. Read More

Flavour Workshop: Yay

My studio are holding an open evening on May 24th, and I am beyond excited. Recently, we held a biohacking evening to great success[1][2], so we decided to incorporate a workshop within the evening. The event is to introduce FoAM kernow in our new studio space to local artists, businesses and other lovely people around the area. In brainstorming the event, we came upon the idea to do a flavour.. Read More

Taste: Meeting with Amber

I met with Dr. Amber Griffiths to discuss genetics and taste. Amber is a director of FoAM Kernow and an associate at the ESI, Penryn Campus, and very kindly agreed to chat about the genetics of taste perception with me. A basic understanding of taste is essential. We spoke about super tasters, a small percentage of the population who are particularly sensitive to taste. These people are more likely to.. Read More

Edit: edit, edit

Ridiculously, I overwrote my python scrape in git confusion. I had two terminal windows open, both in my ginfographic folder, one local and one remote. I overwrote the wrong one. I am very silly. But, in hindsight, I also didn’t need to spend so much time hacking away at the Yummly website, as the flavour data I need for my ‘new direction’ was perfect via the API. Just a heads.. Read More

Gin: Turn towards Flavour

A lot of work has been done towards cocktail depiction in infographic format, and i’m starting to feel slightly like it has been ‘done’. My previous justification towards completing a project like this was that it would be excellent to automate these graphics, and while this is still an interesting concept, I have started to lean towards a different angle. This angle to me is more interesting and is still.. Read More

Ginfographic: Gin Infographic

Do you ever think you’re being really original, and then discover that you aren’t? I just found a ginfographic project, ahha..aaahhahaa…aaaaaahhh oh dear. Actually, this is good, as I can further define my project, and the Gin Foundry is serving as such an excellent resource for my project. They have already defined who drinks gin, where, what time of day, which tonics they prefer, generalised flavour data, this means I.. Read More

Ginspiration: Initial Inspirations

The article that initiated my idea for the Ginfographic project appeared in FastCoDesign way back in October – Let AutoCAD Show You How To Mix More Than 70 Classic Cocktails, which showcased the work of engineer Shaan Hurley. He has depicted nearly 100 classic cocktails using AutoCAD, and instantly I loved it, as its an almost programatic and logical way to depict drinks, its almost a manual. There is some.. Read More