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Yummly API: Gathering + Parsing Data

Although i’m still pondering the absolute direction of the project, I still felt it necessary to gather a database of around 100 gin cocktail recipes to get the ball rolling. I now know that I want to focus on the representation of flavour data taking into consideration the paradigm of computer entities, how we program computers to represent nature around us, using Gin as the carrier for that. It has.. Read More

Gin and Yummly: Research, Initial Data Collection

The first part of this project will be, of course, research. In order to get a good idea of a) where ‘gin’ stands in popular culture/what does that say about us/is there a wider picture/does this fit in a wider subject matter b) key flavour pairings of gin/popular usage and forms/what sort of data can be retrieved and how useful it can be/current gin projects c) commercial ‘gin’ & the.. Read More

Gin: Welcome

  Welcome. This is the 3rd year final project of Digital Media student Francesca Sargent. Hopping on the Gin trend, I will be journeying the lengthy, vast abyss of Gin and Gin related things, but mostly focusing on where Gin sits in society today – almost exclusively through a tour of flavour pairings in cocktails and other delectables. Why is this important? It depends on who you are & where you.. Read More